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Data Protection Policy

In line with the new data protection policy that comes into effect on the 25th of May this information to let you know how your data is processed and stored.

The contact forms you filled in when first meeting me are locked in a secure locked filing box and no one but myself has access to them. I do not share your details with any third parties. The only time I will share any of these details would be if I had to take your pet to a vet then of course we would need to give any details to veterinary staff.

Your telephone numbers are stored in my phone with your first name and your pets name and my phone is password protected.

Any photos taken of your pets are only shared on social media and the Just-Like-Home website with your permission only. Photos sent via WhatsApp is a secure network and encrypted. No data is saved on my laptop. You have the right to ask me to destroy any of your data that I hold which I will do so within 24hrs of your request apart from any data that I am obliged to keep for a certain period of time by Fareham Borough Council and the HMRC.

It’s now law I must make this information available

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