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I do not take deposits for bookings and full payment is due on the first day of boarding.


Per Night - £35


Day Care £30

Daycare is payable at the end of each month

Christmas, New Year, Weekends & Bank Holidays - No Extra Charge

Second & third dogs will have a discount of £3 per day 

Solo Dog Walking 

(Fareham Only)

£12 per hour walk

These are solo walks with your dog which we do in Fareham.

Second dog from the same household £5

Third dog from the same household £3

Pet Visits / Pop-Ins (PO16 Area)

£10 per 30 minute visit which includes feeding, toilet break, play and cuddles.

Second and further animals £3 each

Owner Checklist

Below you will find a checklist to ensure you are well prepared for your stay:

1.Call your vet ahead of time to inform them that you are away and should there be an emergency, as to the actions you wish for them to take.

2.Have extra supplies of pet food available in the event that you cannot return when expected.

3.Bring everything your dog(s) may need: Food - Medication - Lead - Bed - Favourite Toys

4.Put our number in with your travel documents so that if you are delayed, you can let us know.

5.It may be advisable to include a piece of clothing that has your smell on should you be concerned about your dog having separation anxiety.

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